Cylinder Glass Honey Jars
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We are proud of supplying high quality glass packaging for beer, wine, spirit, beverage, water, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, candle holders and other storage purposes. 
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Cylinder Glass Honey Jars

  • G-Pack
  • J014

High Quality Round Glass Honey Jars with Lids,  Glass Honey Pot, Honey  Containers, Glass Honey Jars with Lids in different colors for honey serving and food packaging

MaterialSoda-lime glass
Size100ml, 200ml, 300ml, 500ml, etc
Logo/Labelcan be printed on the jar body and cap surface
Color of Jar/CapClear glass with gold/silve tin lid, other colors can be painted 
CertificateFDA, SGS, LGFB approved it's safe for food packaging

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