What Are The Main Properties Of Colored Glass
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What Are The Main Properties Of Colored Glass

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What Are The Main Properties Of Colored Glass

Colored glass is one of the glasses that offers various color solutions for creating stylish and modern glass structures. In general, the properties and characteristics of such glass is no different from ordinary. Its color is designed to solve only the aesthetic function and the wishes of the customer. The scope of use of such glass is quite wide: from mirrors to finishing the facade of the building. After passing through the main stages of production, at the request of the client, colored glass can change shape. In addition, colored glass can be tempered fully or partially.

What Are Colored Glass Properties?

Special technologies for the production of colored glass, in other words, its method of staining, allows you to save the basic properties and characteristics of glass. So colored glass can be tempered (partially or completely), laminated, sound and heat-insulating, etc. In other words, colored glass allows you to maintain excellent performance while deciding on the aesthetics of the glass structure. However, regardless of type, colored glass has the following characteristics in common:

Due to special technologies, the strength of colored glass can be increased to the required standard. Despite the apparent fragility, colored glass can withstand damage of varying degrees of strength: from scratches and chips to bullets and explosions.

Colored glass is safe to use. Its strength characteristics reduce the risk of injuries and cuts even in the event of an accidental collision of a person with a glass sheet.

Colored glass has a wide range of color solutions, color saturation, its transparency, as well as glass shapes.

UV protection;
In addition, colored glass can both fully reflect sunlight and partially absorb it.

Areas Of Use For Colored Glass

Colored glass is widely used in various fields – from facade glazing to the production of furniture and interior items. This is due to its aesthetic appeal and high performance. Glasses of various colors and shades help to realize all kinds of design ideas in the design of interiors and exteriors of residential, public and commercial premises.

Colored glass products become original and stylish decorations for apartments, offices, restaurants and other institutions. Colored glass sheets are used for the manufacture of showcases, partitions, panels, furniture facades, door, window and other structures. In addition, such glass is used in the glazing of facades, the manufacture of double-glazed windows and panoramic windows.

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