Step By Step Guide On How To Pack Glasses For Moving
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Step By Step Guide On How To Pack Glasses For Moving

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Step By Step Guide On How To Pack Glasses For Moving

If buying glassware is not on your new apartment checklist for shopping, that means you’re counting on safely transporting everything you already have. Packing glasses is not really rocket science, but it does require some patience and attention to detail if you want everything to be shipped intact. If you’ve never done this before, here is the best way to pack glasses, explained step-by-step.

Step 1. Prepare the Box

When packaging such sensitive objects, you can’t rely on a better storing option than a good old cardboard box. But, there are some things you need to do before you start filling it in. First, use the tape and secure all the corners and the bottom. Then use crumpled newspapers to form a cushioning layer at the bottom before you start inserting wrapped up things. By doing so, you’ll get a surface that is much more welcoming and cushioning than flat cardboard.

Step 2. Learn How to Wrap Properly

Every single piece needs to be properly wrapped before you place it in the box with others.  Newspapers are a great budget-friendly solution, but keep in mind that sometimes ink can transfer. Packing paper is usually the best material. Depending on the size of the sheet, you can wrap one or even two glasses with one sheet of paper. Start rolling from the corner, tuck in the extra paper, and fold it at the bottom. Depending on the shape and size, you might have to tuck in the handle or stem more carefully.

Step 3. Pack Heavier Items First

Before you start boxing it all, you have to pay attention to one thing. Heavier and bigger items should go first. So, inspect your collection, and divide it into two groups. First, wrap and store heavier objects, then move on to lighter ones. They should be placed at the top. If you’re moving with pets, you might want to keep them away from the kitchen while doing all this. It is stressful enough without someone jumping around and stealing your attention. You need to stay concentrated.

Step 4. Fill in the Gaps and Try Not to Overpack

Once you’re done, shake it lightly to get a sense if anything is moving inside. If it is, you need to fill in the gaps with a bit more crumpled paper. Also, you have to know when to stop. The point is not to fill in the box all the way to the top. Just like you used a base cushioning layer, you’ll need one at the top, so leave some space, and insert more crumpled papers or towels to tuck in everything, and then seal the packaging. It is safer to use several smaller cardboard containers than a large one.

Step 5. Label Everything Properly

The last step before you ship your belongings is proper labeling. Many neglect this step or are not specific enough when it comes to labeling, but you should be. Here’s why – whether you’re renting storage or shipping your belongings with the state to state movers, you need to prepare that you won’t see your stuff for weeks. And although now it seems like you know exactly where every item is, you’re going to forget that in no time. So, instead of just writing “fragile” on a sticky note or cardboard, we suggest writing brief content lists or descriptions that will help you remember what is where.

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