Reasons To Use Amber Glass When Packaging Beauty Products
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Reasons To Use Amber Glass When Packaging Beauty Products

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Reasons To Use Amber Glass When Packaging Beauty Products

Designing a line of beauty products is no simple task. So many details go into planning and crafting the perfect goods. After so much hard work choosing and sourcing materials and creating the perfect recipes, it’s tough to realize there’s still much work left. Next, the make-up, lotion, or lip balm of your new business must be fitted to the right packaging before the process of marketing your products can even begin. Choosing the right packaging is much more involved than selecting the cheapest or prettiest. Different materials and even seemingly arbitrary design elements such as color do have real and crucial effects on the goods stored within them.

As such, there are many important reasons to use amber glass when packaging beauty products. Some of these reasons are closely related to why chemically-delicate essential oils are best stored in glass. Even more so, it’s some of the same factors that led to medicines and even most alcohols being packaged in amber glass. Decorative design elements of packaging aside, amber-colored glass is beautiful on its own and is a useful packaging material with a long history of protecting the items we value most.

Glass Is a Safer Material Choice

Beauty products are often packaged in an array of different materials. The most common varieties are glass and plastic. Typically, cheaper options take advantage of the availability and low cost of plastic trays and jars. Not all makeup will work with just any type of plastic, however. While it may look solid enough, even plastic is made up of chemical molecules. Depending on the type used, different plastics are reactive, and thus they are not safe for general use. To properly store a product intended for use on the skin, it must first itself not contain any potentially harmful contents. It must then be packaged in a material that is safe and will not leach any chemical components into the goods stored within.

Glass is just such a container. It’s inherently inert once cast and requires no additional treatment or liners to stay that way. As such, it’s no surprise that higher-quality balms and lotions are frequently sold in glass jars. Rest assured that your wonderful goods are safe and sound in glass and will stay just as fresh and healthy as the day they were packaged.

What Happens When Makeup Meets Sunlight?

One of the reasons to use amber glass when packaging beauty is simply to prevent damage. Ideally, makeup and beauty products have a nice quiet home within a shelf or drawer in a customer’s home. However, that is not always the case, as many people lack the extra storage space for all their items and beauty supplies. What’s more is that many people still enjoy the useful luxury of a simple vanity desk in a bedroom. Finally, plenty of people like to store their makeup within arms’ reach, and all the favorites end up scattered and exposed to light across trays or bathroom counters. As common as these storage methods are, none of them are truly sun-proof, leading many makeup and cosmetics fans to frequently mourn the loss of a beloved item rendered worthless by way of sunlight.

As innocent as a bright and warm day might seem, it’s a customer’s worst nightmare when it comes to beauty supplies. UV light rays and the heat of the sun literally cook cosmetics into an unpleasant and sometimes dangerous form. Sunlight causes lotions and cremes to disintegrate into a separated mess by breaking down the emulsifiers that bind the water and oil components. Nail polish turns tacky and hard, leaving chunky streaks on nails rather than a smooth and glossy coat. Other types of makeup supplies will also separate as well as melt, harden, or soften, and even sometimes lose pigmentation. Finally, we’re all familiar with how sunny days bleach the colors out of anything left in the sun for long enough. It can also happen to makeup, and the red pigments in palettes and lipsticks are especially vulnerable. Imagine dabbing on a rich blush hue on your cheeks only to discover it’s turned a dismal peach instead.

Protective Qualities of a Blue-Light Barrier

As mentioned, glass additionally provides a unique type of protection via its color. Amber-tinted barriers block harmful UV rays and other light and color waves. It may surprise many to know that sunlight alone can and will alter the chemical balance of an item. As such, many goods like makeup include instructions to be stored in a cool and dark place.

Such storage instructions are a direct reference to the sensitivity and fragility of fine beauty products. Heat and sunlight will damage them, if not make them entirely unusable. By choosing to package items in higher-quality containers from the start, a business can rest easy knowing that each delivery of products will retain its high standards. Customers will appreciate the beauty and superior defense that amber glass offers their favorite cremes and perfumes. What’s more, this amazing defense doesn’t have to come at a premium cost. Buying amber bottles wholesale is as affordable as many other packaging material selections. Businesses will save money and need no special equipment or change in routine to pass along these saving and the added protective nature of the containers.

A Unique Vintage Appeal

It hardly needs stating, but amber glass is exceptionally beautiful. It uniquely catches the light that clear containers and other colors of glass simply can’t. What’s more, it has a truly rustic appeal. The rich golden brown tone partners well with ideas of antique pharmacies and perfumes from long ago. It has a mystique to it that manufacturers of luxury goods and beauty supplies know how to use to their advantage. Many brands use this glass color purely for the elegance factor, pairing it with classic recipes and retro throwbacks. It’s also ideal for beauty brands looking to emphasize the handmade and independent designer look. A rustic kraft label stands out against the deep and rich dark glass, signaling customers with an eye-catching old-fashioned style.

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