Production Method of Quartz Glass
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Production Method of Quartz Glass

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Production method of quartz 

Due to the different raw materials, quartz can be divided into two different groups if the use of natural quartz as raw material, called fused silica. If used
Four chlorinated silicon as the raw material is called fused silica, the production method depends on the raw material, can be divided into the following methods:
Electric melting method
Gas refining process
Synthesis method
Electric melting method
Electric melting is the most common method of melting quartz sand production. The two methods can be divided into: arc melting and resistance melting furnace.
Arc melting: voltage between two electrodes. When the voltage and current are sufficiently high, the air between the electrodes is discharged. Electronic discharge is also known as the plasma, can provide thousands of degrees of temperature, arc in the surface of what the surface of the surface of the quartz sand melting into the glass state.
The purity and size distribution depends on the quartz glass, can be white, transparent or translucent glass objects often used in arc melting rotational symmetry of the resistance heating process can be divided into continuous and discontinuous process.
In a continuous process, quartz sand is poured from the top of the furnace, and the furnace is composed of an electric heating component wrapped around a metal crucible.
The crucible is at normal atmospheric pressure or below atmospheric pressure to prevent the oxidation of refractory metals. Irregular structure glass mesh in microcrystal structure 1800 degree rule, the molten material after forming holes in the bottom of the crucible, rod segment or other products of various specifications
The discontinuous melting method, a large number of raw materials placed in the vacuum furnace, surrounded by refractory materials, this method is used to produce large monomer material.
Gas refining process
JNC quartz crystal with hydrogen and oxygen. The basic concept of this process is composed of quartz sand into the high temperature flame. The crystal particles in the flame are melted and fused together to form quartz glass, which is different from the flame. A method of fused quartz droplets attached to the quartz rod, remove quartz rod, a circular mound. Another way to collect the fused silica in a bowl, and then through the hole in the bottom of the bowl, hot drawn shape you want the glass, such as weight bucket box. According to different parameters, also can produce transparent and opaque weight.

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