Material Requirements for Glass Molds
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Material Requirements for Glass Molds

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Material requirements for glass molds

    In the forming process of glass products, glass not only restricts the shape of the product, but also acts as a heat exchange medium for the glass frit. It is in direct contact with the high-temperature molten glass. Therefore, the quality of the mold material directly affects the life of the mold and the quality of the product. The manufacturing materials of the mold should meet the following conditions.

1. It should be able to obtain excellent surface finish. Generally, metal materials with fine grains and uniform metallographic structure should be selected.

2. It should have good heat resistance and thermal stability.

3. It should have good chemical stability.

4. It should be easy to process.

5. It should have a small thermal expansion coefficient

6. It should have good thermal conductivity and high specific heat capacity

7. It should have a higher bonding temperature

8. Should be stainless steel

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