How to clean glass vases inside and out
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How to clean glass vases inside and out

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How to clean glass vases inside and out

Glass vases are always lovely with freshly-cut flowers in them. After a few days, however, those flowers may leave a scummy ring on the inside of your vase, while other vases become cloudy from a build-up of mineral deposits in your water. Cleaning glass vases may seem daunting, as you can find yourself creating more smudges than you fix, but never fear: here’s a guide on how to clean a vase both inside and out.

When soaking or simply scrubbing your vase, place it inside a plastic tub to avoid accidental chips or cracks.

You will need:

  • Brush

  • Newspaper

  • Glass cleaner

  • Warm water

  • Effervescent denture-cleaning tablets

  • Baking soda

  • White distilled vinegar

  • Rice

  • Warm, soapy water

  • Lemon

  • Salt

How to clean glass vases: Outside

Now that you know how to clean a glass vase on the inside, the outside is even easier. If you’ve already soaked your vase, the exterior should also be clean. But here are some specific tips to get the outside of your vase shining bright.

  1. Glass cleaner

    As before, this is the quickest and easiest way to clean vases. Just spray on and wipe off: simple! You’ll also find the results much less pungent than vases cleaned with vinegar (see below).

  2. Vinegar

    Vinegar is a very effective solvent, and adding it to your cleaning regime will add a sparkle to your vases and glassware. Spray the outside of your vase with a solution of vinegar and warm water, and air-dry before polishing.

  3. Lemon

    The acid in lemon juice also works to eat away at any deposits. Cut a lemon and rub the exposed flesh over the outside of your vase. Or mix a paste of lemon juice and salt, and rub this on the outside of your vase. Rinse thoroughly with hot water – leftover lemon juice will be sticky and attract dust.

  4. Buffing with crumpled newspaper

    After rinsing the vases, you can wipe them dry with wads of crumpled newspaper. Then use fresh crumpled newspapers for a final polish. For a quick polish, dip crumpled newspapers in a warm vinegar-water solution, or spritz on a cleaner, and use the paper on the exterior of your vase. Repeat with dry newspapers.

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