How to Make Colored Glass Bottles ?
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How to Make Colored Glass Bottles ?

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How to Make Colored Glass Bottles ?

So how do the blue or colorless beer bottles we see now make the green glass change color?

After uncovering the secret of the green glass, people are committed to eliminating the green in the glass and decolorizing the glass. Glass decolorization is divided into chemical decolorization and physical decolorization. Cao Chengrong said: "Chemical decolorization generally uses the oxidation of a decolorizer to eliminate the color of glass contaminated by organic matter, and to change the low-valent iron oxide with strong coloring ability into trivalent iron oxide with weak coloring ability. Physical Decolorization generally involves adding a certain amount of colorant that can produce complementary colors to the glass."

If the glass is green with ferrous oxide as the coloring agent, then the general chemical decolorization method is to add a certain proportion of oxidant, such as manganese dioxide, to the glass melt, which can oxidize the green ferrous ions into yellow trivalent iron ions. Iron ions, manganese becomes purple trivalent manganese, because yellow and purple synthesize white, and their dyeing power is much lower than iron ions, so the glass becomes colorless and transparent.

The same principle, colorless glass can also be made into colorful colored glass by adding various compounds. For example, blue glasses worn by steel workers are made by adding cobalt oxide to the glass; purple glass contains manganese dioxide; and the famous golden red glass is generally made of gold compounds as dyes.

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