How to Find the Perfect Packages for a New Beverage Brand
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How to Find the Perfect Packages for a New Beverage Brand

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How  to Find the Perfect Packages for a New Beverage Brand

Product packaging is always a crucial consideration for emerging beverage brands, as it represents your first opportunity to make an impression on potential customers. There are many different aspects of beverage packaging that any brand manager needs to consider, including durability, sizing, transportation, sustainability, design, ergonomics, and more.

Most brands understand the importance of beverage packaging, but it’s important to remember how many different aspects of sales rely on high-quality packages. Your product package protects your goods from damage and product loss during the shipping process. Additionally, attractive beverage packaging advertises your product to potential consumers, so it’s important to consider packages that stand out on store shelves.


Your product packages can also indicate to consumers how your beverage compares to the sea of competitors. This is especially important for emerging beverage brands that need to differentiate themselves from companies offering similar products. Finally, your packaging can tell a story about your business, from the copy printed on the label to your logo design and much more.


Arguably the most vital aspect of your beverage packaging is its durability. If your drink bottles are not high-quality, they could crack, leak, or break during transport. At that point, nothing else matters — not how delicious your drink is, or how healthy it is, or even how much it costs. Proper packaging can help avoid devastating product losses, so it’s crucial that you choose a package that will stand up to the stresses and pressures of the shipping process.


It might sound like a good idea to package your beverages in bottles with abnormal shapes, as the uniqueness of the bottle can draw eyes to your product. However, the eye-catching nature of these bottles might be undermined by how difficult they can be to ship and display. If you can’t easily ship them, your transportation costs will skyrocket. If stores can’t easily display them, the products simply will not sell well.

The other issue with unique shapes and sizes of bottles is how costly they can be to manufacture. Using a bespoke package can be expensive in many ways, and we already mentioned how shipping costs can be an issue in this regard. Another problem is that manufacturers typically don’t make large quantities of abnormally shaped bottles, meaning you’ll probably need to pay higher rates for these specialty items. Furthermore, it can be difficult to integrate strangely shaped packages into your own production process, as your equipment may not be compatible with these bottles.

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