How To Choose The Best Spice Jar For Yourself
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How To Choose The Best Spice Jar For Yourself

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How To Choose The Best Spice Jar For Yourself

How To Choose The Best Spice Jar For Yourself

     Like other substances, spices can get musty as time passes. They require proper storage place. Air produces the worst effect on the spices. They can lose their flavor. Avoid using such type of containers through which air can easily pass.

Spice jar container material

     The spice jars are made up of different materials. Different kinds of jars are available in the market and stores. You just need to figure out what kind of jar you exactly need.

Here are some spice jar examples that will definitely help you out in buying the best one for yourself.

Glass spice jars

    Glass spice jars are one of the best types of containers for storing spices. Because they are not made up of porous material. Another benefit of glass jars is that it is transparent in appearance. So, you can easily see which spice is inside the container. Airtight glass containers can store spices for more than two years and remain fresh.

Metal spice jars

    The other thing that effects spices is “light”. The best way to keep spices away from light is to use metal containers. So, they remain fresh and store more flavor. It will keep the light away and save the spices to get moist.

Small spice jars

   The size of a container plays an important role in storing spices. Smaller the jar less will be the possibility of air storage and moisture. If greater space will be left behind then air and moisture can easily enter the container and limits the taste of spices.

Plastic spice jars

   These kinds of jars are easily available at your homes. You don’t have to buy them. But be careful while closing their lids. So the air and moisture cannot pass through them.

Tips for storing spices

  • Keep the container in a cool and dry place. Do not put them over the hot surfaces because moisture can enter the jar.

  • While storing the spices in jars you must label them and arrange them alphabetically. So, you don’t have any confusion while finding them.

  • Use a clean dry spoon to take spices out of the container. If you use a wet spoon then it will moisturize the spices.

  • The jars should be made up of that material through which you can easily see which spice is present in it.

  • Organize your shelves where you put the spices.

Storage capacity

    Another important thing that you must consider while choosing a best spice jar is its storage capacity. In bigger restaurants, they require huge jars because they have store substances in bulk. And even in big industries huge jars are used due to large amount of spices. For tiny kitchens you can use small containers either made up of glass or metal.

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