How Glass Is Enabling Today’s Most Powerful Trends
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How Glass Is Enabling Today’s Most Powerful Trends

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How Glass Is Enabling Today’s Most Powerful Trends

In the highly connected, interactive world of today – and certainly in the one we’ll live in tomorrow – everyday surfaces are taking on extraordinary capabilities.

Suddenly your refrigerator door becomes a touchscreen that helps organize your daily schedule. Your family room wall becomes an integrated entertainment center, letting you immerse yourself in streaming videos, games, and interactive chats while managing seamlessly integrated online tasks. A storefront connects to an app on your phone and offers you individual discounts and product information, all before you set foot inside.

That’s what glass can enable – whether you’re driving to work, relaxing at home, or having the best shopping experience of your life.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways advanced glass surfaces are making this futuristic vision a reality today

The Trend:

Omnichannel marketing is dominating the strategy of many of the world’s top retailers.

It’s much more than a buzzword. Retailers are keenly aware that today’s consumers rely more and more on their smartphones to look up prices and product information, even as they’re strolling around the store.

And research indicates that many consumers now prefer to avoid in-store sales clerks, favoring instead the unmanned digital displays and interactive kiosks to assist them.

Retailers now face the challenge of making the shopping experience smooth and seamless between all these channels.

The store’s brand impression must be consistent and self-reinforcing, whether consumers are launching a store app on their mobile device, viewing a product use video that suddenly appears on a storefront, or sorting through accessory options from a touch display on a dressing room mirror.

Because the tech-savvy consumers are leading the trend, many retailers (more than a third in a recent study by SPS Commerce) feel they are lagging behind in developing their omnichannel strategies.

Yet the pressure is mounting for retailers and big-brand product marketers to jump into the omnichannel race.

Simply put: The retailers who provide the best shopping experience will earn the most loyal customers and the most consistent revenues.

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