Here Is Why You Should Start Drinking Water From Glass Bottles
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Here Is Why You Should Start Drinking Water From Glass Bottles

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Here Is Why You Should Start Drinking Water From Glass Bottles

It is essential to keep our body hydrated throughout the day for our overall well-being. After all, our blood is 90 percent water. Do you know? Though there is no universal guide that says the exact amount of water one should consume in a day, experts suggest that one should at least drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.

There are many ways you can drink more water throughout the day and one of them is always to keep a bottle of water handy. Do you know the material of your water bottle also plays a key role in transforming your health?

Copper, plastic, metal, glass, there are a variety of water bottle materials that are available in the market. Today, we thought of taking you through the benefits of drinking water from a glass bottle. Read on.

Glass Bottles Don't Hold Residual Odours, Tastes

If you have used a plastic or metal bottle in the past, you must have experienced that moment when water tastes really wierd. This is commonly due to the residual taste from the bottle. Many water bottles have the presence of harmful chemicals which can be hazardous for consumption. Glass bottles don't have any chemicals, also they don't hold any odours or tastes. Be assured of drinking water free from contaminants when drinking from a glass bottle.

Glass Bottles Give You Fresh And Clean Water

When you store your water in a glass bottle, it tastes fresh throughout the day. You can check for any impurities in the water clearly because it is all visible on the outside.

Glass Bottles Hold The Temperature For Longer

As compared to other water bottle materials, glass bottles are able to hold the water temperature, be it cold or hot for a longer period of time. The good thing is that they can also hold drinks other than water and that too for a very long time without actually spoiling their flavour or colour. You can use a glass bottle to store anything, right from hot tea to a cold glass of mango shake.

Glass Bottles Are So Easy To Clean

This is the best thing about having glass bottles at home really. They are so easier to clean. You exactly can figure out where the stain is or is there a residue and clean it quickly. Glass bottles can also be washed in a dishwasher.

Glass Bottles Are Environment Friendly

Lastly, glass bottles do no harm to the environment. They are environment friendly. They are recyclable. This makes them a far better option than plastic bottles which can't get recycled and do all the harm to our environment.

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