Glassworks’ Top Five Reasons to Choose Glass Packaging
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Glassworks’ Top Five Reasons to Choose Glass Packaging

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We’ve collated our top five reasons why you should choose glass for packaging as well as after-life reuse such as storing household and business goods, instead of other potential materials.

1. Now, this is number one for a reason. Glass is endlessly recyclable.

When glass is recycled, it is turned into more glass. No matter how many times it is recycled, glass never loses its quality, strength or purity. If we look at plastic in comparison, when it does get recycled it is normally downcycled, meaning its structure and integrity diminishes with each use until it is eventually unusable. Because of this, plastic is ultimately buried in landfills or swept out to sea, damaging the environment.

Because of this, many businesses choose glass for their packaging as it allows them to lower their wastage and contribute to their goals and environmental policies on a wider scale.

2. It is a known fact that anything poured from a glass container tastes better.

Why? Because plastic, and to a lesser extent certain metals such as aluminium, is a porous material that can retain the taste and odours of food and drink products previously-stored within that container.

Plastic can be easily scratched which is often why food odours linger that no amount of washing or throwing in a hot cycle in your dishwasher can remove.

3. Unlike many other materials, glass is virtually inert and impermeable, so there is no risk of potentially harmful chemicals getting into food or drink products contained inside, which is much better for consumer health.

Compared with other materials, a glass bottle or jar is 100% glass, there are absolutely no additives.

4. We’ve mentioned that glass is endlessly recyclable, but it is also endlessly recyclable within your home.

People are far more likely to reuse and repurpose that pretty glass jam jar to store jewellery in, turn into a tealight holder, or utilise a beautiful wine bottle for a flower arrangement than you are anything plastic.

Glass containers allow you to be much more creative within the home, meaning that customers are more likely to reuse your product’s packaging!

5. Glass is made from materials that are abundantly found in the natural environment including sand, soda ash and limestone, meaning that no other chemical layers are required to complete it.

Did you know that we also reduce CO2 emissions when we recycle glass? Each time one tonne of glass containers is recycled in a furnace, less CO2 is emitted as less energy is needed to melt cullet (the recycled and broken glass).

Glass is beautiful, it’s timeless, romantic and nostalgic. But it’s also sustainable, cost-effective and long-lasting. We’re big fans, to say the least.

All of the products that the team at Glassworks International are designed and produced are created with this in mind. Our wide range of bottles and jars have a timeless style. From our traditional olive green and flint Bordeaux and Burgundy wine bottles to our amber ale and beer bottles to our most intricate Artisanal and Hex jars, to name a few.

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