Glass Jar a Microwave friendly material
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Glass Jar a Microwave friendly material

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Glass Jar a Microwave friendly material

Everyone wants warm food so a glass jar is the best option for warming food and storing food in a proper manner. The microwave oven is one of the most used appliances in our kitchen. We use Microwave for various uses such as reheating leftovers, warming water/drinks. The Best quality glass jar can be used in the microwave. In Ajanta Bottle various glass jars are available. A variety of food items can be placed into these jars.

Recycle and reuse

Glass is an eco-friendly material i.e having an unlimited cycle of renewal so the chances of affecting the environment are lesser. Glass is a non-biodegradable material but they will break down slowly. Although glass is made up of natural and stable material. Glass holds heat better than plastics. Glass Jar a Microwave friendly material Using straightforward techniques, glass can be reused.  Ajanta Bottle are Wholesaler Trader and Service Provider and they provide the best quality of Clear glass bottles, clear Glass jar, Caps/Closure/Lids, Amber Glass jar, Amber Glass Bottle and  pharma glass bottles. Ajanta Bottle has glass bottles and jars. Always try to use nature-friendly/ eco-friendly materials.

Glass is good for consumers’ health

Glass is non-porous and impermeable. Glass containers consist of less chemical interaction with their contents. Whatever we store into the glass jar flavour, purity and quality remain preserved. In glass containers, the risk of the food or drinks getting contaminated is lesser. As glass does not melt easily and isn’t able to release particles so that’s why food stored in the glass container is more healthy than the food stored in the plastic container.

Are glass jars microwavable?

Most glass jars are of a cheap quality that explodes or even crack when they are placed in the microwave so avoid using cheap material as they are not heat resistant and break under high temperature. Ajanta Bottle provides the best quality glass jar that does not break under high temperatures. Heating food in a microwave in glass is safer than paper and plastic because glass is stable. Simply place the food items in a glass jar, microwave the items and serve the items.

Why Choose Glass?

The Glass looks attractive, clean, durable and quick changing into its temperature. Food also looks more tempting when they are placed into the container. Glass jars preserve freshness. It is the best item for the kitchen, gifting, restaurants and cafes etc. Glass jar is used for multipurpose storage and the easiest way of cleaning and sterilizing. It is of good quality. Glass packaging is elegant and attractive to the eye. Taking out the goods from a glass jar is easier. No leakage problem and safer to use over and over again. Great for gifting purposes and look attractive because of its transparency. The freshness of the food is also maintained for a long period of time.


Everyone loves glass bottles and jars. With the help of glass jars, we can easily replace plastic items. A glass bottle and a glass jar are 100% safe and hygienic. Glass is sustain packing for heath, taste and environment.  Choosing a glass jar is the best way to protect yourself and your family from food poisoning. Glass Jar a Microwave friendly material So there are some benefits of using glass jars even in the Microwave for warming food as well as drinks and these Glass jars allow you to keep your food safe and healthy.

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