Glass Bottle Decoration
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Glass Bottle Decoration

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Glass Bottle Decoration


With a coating, for example matt, high shine or opaque, we give your glass packaging an individual appearance and a special feel to the surface. For packaging sensitive foodstuff and beverages, we recommend a UV coating on the packaging, as this allows the contents to retain its unspoilt taste.


The standard process for glass bottle design: printing. We use modern silk screen printing technology that allows almost limitless possibilities for colours and effects on even unusual bottle formats. This is how we create statement brand packaging.


Shrink sleeves are the perfect outfit for glass bottles, since they fit themselves to every contour of the bottle like a second skin. Due to the 360° decoration and ample space for your preferred design, your product will show its best side from any angle.


Labelling is an efficient method for giving your glass packaging an individual and aesthetic appearance. To achieve this, we stick labels on untreated glass or on the glass bottle that has been previously coated. The result: Your glass bottle receives a distinct appearance that jumps out on the store shelf.

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