Different classifications of glass bottle
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Different classifications of glass bottle

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Different Classifications Of Glass Bottle
Aug 13, 2021

    Glass bottle is the container that people are familiar with and like to use. In recent decades, with the development of industrial technology, there are many new packaging materials had created, like plastic, composite materials, special paper, tin, aluminum foil and so on. Glass packaging material is in fierce competition with other packaging materials into. Glass bottle have many characteristics which can not be replaced, like transparency, good chemical stability, can be recycled many times, etc. There are many type of glass bottle, we can classify glass bottle as follows:

A. Classified according to the size of the bottle mouth.
1. Narrow-mouth bottle. The inner diameter of bottle mouth is smaller than 20mm, used for liquid materials packaging, such as soda water, a variety of spirits.
2. Wide-mouth bottle. The inner diameter of bottle mouth is between 20-30mm, and bottle shape is thick and short, such as milk bottle.
3. Jar. The inner diameter of bottle mouth is greater than 30mm, and it has short neck and flat short shoulder, most of them present can-shape or cup-shape, such as canned bottle, honey bottle, pickle bottle, candy bottle, bottle, etc. Due to the large mouth, it is easier to loading and unloading, usually used for packing canned foods and viscous materials.
B. Classified according to the geometrical shape of bottle.
1. Round bottle. The bottle body’s cross section is round, it is the most widely used bottle for its high strength.
2. Square bottle. The bottle body’s cross section is square, its strength is lower than round bottle and it is hard to manufacture, therefore using less.
3. Curved bottle. Although the bottle body’s cross section is round, it is curve in the height direction, there have inner concave and outer convex, such as Vase type, calabash type, etc. It is very popular with users.
4. Oval bottle. The bottle body’s cross section is oval, although it has small capacity, the shape is unique, and it is also popular with users.
C. Classified according to different use.
1. Spirit bottle. Alcohol production is great, almost all of them package with glass bottle, and mainly use round bottle.
2. Cosmetic bottle. Usually used for various cosmetic packaging, such as cosmetic, ink, glue, etc. There are many types of goods, so the bottle body shape and seal are diverse.
3. Canned bottle. Most of canned bottle are jar, capacity is generally 150ML ~ 1000ML.
4. Medicine bottle. This is used to package drugs, there have capacity of 10 ~ 200mL brown screw-type narrow-mouth bottle, 100 ~ 1000mL infusion bottle, and completely sealed ampoule bottle.
5. Chemical reagent bottle. This is used for packaging a variety of chemical reagents, its capacity is generally 250 ~ 1200ml, most of them are screw mouth or grinding mouth.
D. Classified according to color.
There have colorless transparent bottle, white bottle, brown bottle, green bottle, blue bottle, etc.

E. Classified according to bottleneck shape.
There have neck bottle, no neck bottle, long-neck bottle, short-neck bottle, thick-neck bottle, flask, etc.

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