Best Ways to Repurpose Glass Jars
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Best Ways to Repurpose Glass Jars

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Best Ways to Repurpose Glass Jars

There are so many ways to repurpose glass jars.

From wine and beer bottles to Mason jars and everything in between, with a little imagination your glass jars can be turned into a myriad of things that can be useful at home, in the office or at school.

Why throw away the glass jar that your spaghetti sauce came in? Make yourself a beautiful flower vase or storage container for grains or baking supplies. Take a few moments to wash out the Mason jar on your counter and use it as a centerpiece, storage container or planter for your herb garden.

At Packaging Options Direct, we’ve seen our fair share of creative ways to repurpose glass jars. We’ve taken some time to put together some of our favorites to give you inspiration for your next DIY project. Let’s get started!

Learn the Best Ways to Repurpose Glass Jars

Clear Glass Vases: The simplicity of a beautiful flower display in a flint glass jar similar to a Mason jar can be a beautiful statement for your home dining table or even as a wedding centerpiece. For rustic elegance, pair a clear glass jar with a formal flower arrangement with a burlap bow or accent. We’ve also seen clients use fruit such as lemons and limes as a vase filler and pop of color before adding their flowers.

Painted Glass Vases: Another one of the ways to repurpose glass jars is to paint the jar and add flowers. Two coats of acrylic paint will usually do the trick as long as you use a quality sealer after the paint has dried. For a rustic or vintage look, use a nail file to scuff-up raised letters and spots around the jar before sealing it. This project works well with glass jars of all shapes and sizes.

Decorative Displays: Have a beach house? Fill a few glass jars of varying sizes and shapes with artifacts from the beach: seashells, sand, rocks and starfish. Place your display on a shelf and enjoy its beauty. Need a place to display and store your makeup brushes? Add some decorative filler to the bottom of the jar and insert your makeup brushes for a clean and beautiful way to store and display them.

Pantry Storage: One of the best ways to organize dry goods and to keep them fresh is to use glass jars. In fact, there are tons of free printable labels available online to make your storage as organized and visually appealing as possible. Many people use Mason-style glass jars for this type of storage, as they hold a considerable amount of product. However, any glass jar with a good quality seal would be ideal for this type of use. Similarly, use glass jars in the bathroom to store everything from soaps and cotton balls to toothbrushes and swabs.

Craft Supplies: Another of the most creative ways to repurpose glass jars that we’ve seen is to paint the top of the jars with chalkboard paint for easy labeling and storage of craft supplies. Store everything from glitter and rubber bands to bows and glue sticks. Similarly, glass jars make great storage for school supplies.

Soap Dispensers: With the proper glass jar, a pump can be added to the top to create a custom soap dispenser for your kitchen, bathroom or powder room. Add colored liquid soap that matches your décor or paint the jar prior to adding the soap for a truly custom look.

Plants: From herb gardens to terrariums, which are very popular right now, glass jars can make great planters. This of course depends on the type of glass bottle you have. Even in the simplest of containers, they can be very beautiful to look at and can add life and color to your living or work space.

Gardening: Have a lot of extra glass jars and bottles lying around? One of the most interesting uses for bottles and jars that we’ve seen recently is as edging around a garden bed. Many folks try this with wine bottles, inserting them upside-down into the ground, and leave the labels on for a truly rustic look with time.

Ready to Renew Your Glass Jar Inventory?

These are just a few of the many, many ways to repurpose glass jars. Do you have additional DIY projects to share with our Packaging Options Direct family? Connect with us on Facebook to share your latest glass jar or glass bottle project. In the meantime, if we can help you find the perfect packaging for your next project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always just a phone call away and look forward to earning your business.

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