Benefits of Glass Packaging
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Benefits of Glass Packaging

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Glass is widely-used in our daily life, especially for the food packaging, beverage packaging and drinking etc. Which is safe and proven packaging for health and environment, and it’s granted the FDA status of “GRAS” (the highest standard)


  1.    Environment-Friendly & Sustainable Packaging   

    Glass is made from natural elements, such as sand, limestone, soda ash. No harmful chemicals immerge into the earth or oceans..

    Glass is reusable and recyclable. Over 80% recycled glass is used for new production for some big glass manufacturers in USA.

  2.   Perfect Chemical Stability & Neutral Packaging Material     

    Glass has almost zero rate of chemical interactions, keeping the inside foods in original taste and flavors.

     Glass is always stable, no absorb damage and permeate risk for packed foods.

  3.   Premium Quality & Style    

    Glass has 5000 years history, and many famous glass were created, saved, collected and displayed in the world, therefore some classic brands.

     Glass can be customized into a range of shape, size, colors with different amazing decoration to strengthen the sales of goods.

  4.  Easy Clean & Sterilize

    Glass is easy to clean and reuse, even for homemade glass containers

    Glass is easy to sterilize by heating, boiling etc.

  5.  Easy to buy from all over the world.

    With thousands year development, almost every regions and countries have the glass manufacturer in the world

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